Residential Cruise Ship: Welcome To The Never-Ending Cruise

CRUISES are becoming an increasingly popular holiday choice with old and young. But now cruise-lovers have the option to stay onboard forever. 

  • The luxury cruise ship will give people the chance to live on board.

  • Homes onboard start from $400,000 (£300,000).

  • Launching in 2024 the ship will offer 2 penthouses worth $8 Million (£6 Million).

A cruise is a popular holiday choice, especially with the prospect of an all-inclusive break stopping at a different destination each day. Living on a ship permanently may be the dream of every cruise-lover, and it’s now possible. More importantly it is actually affordable starting at $400,000 (£300,000).

World cruises are becoming more and more popular, even Royal Caribbean have joined the Trend by offering The Ultimate World Cruise. 

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But even world cruises have to end eventually. MV Narrative offers the opportunity to live permanently onboard in your own property. It will even have a Farmers Market where you can do your weekly shop. 

Dream Apartment on board MV Narrative

The new “residential community at sea” MV Narrative will launch in 2024. It will offer the option to live on a cruise ship for an extended amount of time, or even permanently. Accommodation will start from 1 Bedroom up to 4 Bedroom apartments, penthouses etc. Each home will be fully furnished with ‘Italian designed’ furnishings, and residents can choose between two different layouts for their properties. Pictured above is a mid-range ‘Dream’ apartment

A bathroom in a ‘Global’ two-storey penthouse. These homes are priced up to $8million (£6 million)

A kitchen area of the ‘Global’ two-storey penthouses on the ship, which is due to launch in 2024

Cruise-lovers will also be offered the opportunity to buy a limited number of properties for 12 and 24-year leases. 

Founder and CEO Alister Punton of Storylines said some of the 547 units have already been sold, with the ship on track to sell out by the end of 2022.

Alister says: “With a full outright purchase, the resident owners get a perpetuity clause, which means they are able to roll over into a new residence on a future ship without an additional purchase, making this a long-term investment.”

741ft- (226 m) long Storylines ship MV Narrative will offer 547 residences. The ship is currently being built in Croatia and is due to launch in 2024. 

The ship will be all-inclusive, but residents will be charged a ‘living fee’ to cover expenses such as maintenance and food, between $65k (£47,800) and  $200k (£147,000) per unit per year.

Each home will be kitted out with full kitchens, flat-screen TVs, ‘climate control’ systems, adjustable mood lighting and stereo speakers. The bedrooms will feature queen-size murphy beds and ‘luxury’ mattresses to ‘ensure maximum comfort at night’.

Library onboard MV Narrative

When the MV Narrative is at sea, residents can wine and dine in one of the ship’s 20 bars and restaurants, which include an oyster bar, a Chinese restaurant, and an ‘ice creamery’. They can also order twenty-four-seven from a home delivery service.

As for entertainment the ship will feature

  • One cinema
  • A microbrewery
  • Three swimming pools
  • A 10,000-book library (Pictured above)
  • A Spa and Wellness Centre
  • Salon
  • Juice bar
  • Yoga studio
  • Golf simulator
  • An art space
  • A dance floor. 

The ship will spend one to five days docked in ports all around the world. Visiting places such as Venice, Athens, Barcelona and more.

One of the best things offered to residents is a ‘resident choice’ days, where those living on board get to choose where the ship docks next. Residents are also welcome to invite guests/family on board when the ship is docked.

For more information visit Storylines.

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