Johnny Rockets Onboard Royal Caribbean Review

Popular fast food chain Johnny Rockets debuted in 1999 on the Royal Caribbean ship Voyager of the Seas. Offering burgers,...

The Classes Of Royal Caribbean Ships Explained

Whether you are an old-timer or a newcomer to cruising you will have heard of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis class ships.  They are the biggest in the world and they offer attractions you won’t find anywhere else at sea!

How Many Ships Does Royal Caribbean Have?

Royal Caribbean (to date March 2022) has 26 ships built and being used around the world. This post contains a full list of Royal Caribbean ships including the date they were built, size and capacity of guests. 

Can I Take A Travel Iron On My Cruise?

You’re going on a cruise, you are taking formal gear that has been screwed up in your suitcase for over 24 hours, of course you need an iron… why wouldn’t you? Sadly most cruise lines do not allow travel irons to be packed and taken on board. Check out this post to find out the rules for each cruise line and who allows travel irons.

Ice Skating On Royal Caribbean Ships

Royal Caribbean is famous for offering bigger and bolder onboard entertainment.. one of those things is Ice skating onboard! Not only do they offer amazing Ice shows from professional ice skaters but you can actually take to the ice yourself.

Speciality Dining Restaurants Onboard Royal Caribbean Ships

Dining onboard Royal Caribbean ships is truly outstanding. The food in the main dining room is perfect but there are speciality dining restaurants onboard every ship. These are available to all passengers at an additional cost. On this page you will find a list of every ship and the paid restaurants available onboard including menus.