Flowriders | Which Royal Caribbean Ships Are They On?

If you have sailed with Royal Caribbean, chances are you have seen or even tried out a Flowrider. Usually found on the back of Royal Caribbean ships, the Flowrider offers hours of entertainment for all ages.

The Flowrider is a surf simulator that allows the user to surf or boogie board without even being in the sea.  Flowrider is a company who partnered with Royal Caribbean to provide them for Ships across the world. But if you fancy having one in your own back garden it is actually possible.. If you ever sail out of Fort Lauderdale keep your eyes peeled.. because there is actually someone who has one in their garden.

They are 100% free to use on Royal Caribbean and in some circumstances you can actually hire them starting at $69 for private sessions. The only restrictions of the attraction are Boogie board height requirement 52 inches (4ft3) or standing up requirement 58 inches (4ft8).

So which ships currently offer the Flowrider experience?

List Updated 1st February 2022

Ships that do not currently have a Flowrider

Some of these ships are undergoing refits 2022/2023/2024 so please check back soon for an updated list.

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